Tuesday, 19 August 2008

MRSA passing from pigs to people - Denmark

The Pig Site have just published a pre-publication report from Denmark.

The Dutch did just the same four years ago in the interests of public health flying to the US to press the panic button.

Britain ignored them, probably because they were terrified of being identified as the source of "piggy MRSA" in the chaos of the triple epidemics of epizootic PMWS, CSF and FMD 1999-2001 and exposing the corruption within their State Veterinary Service.

This report introduces yet another variation in naming, making MRSA ST398 also MRSA CC398 - "piggy MRSA" to you and me.

The conclusions shatter the current NHS policy and explain why the Netherlands and others have avoided MRSA epidemics in their hospitals.


...A total of 23 of 50 pigs on 4 of 5 farms were positive for CC398. Our results, corroborated by microbiological testing, demonstrate that pigs are a source of CC398 in Denmark.

Conclusions: Transmission of CC398 from a zoonotic reservoir to humans could undermine existing MRSA control programs. The authors therefore recommend increased awareness among healthcare professionals that animals are a possible source of MRSA infection and that the potential for person-to-person spread exists.

To limit further spread, pig farmers may warrant screening and isolation on admission to hospitals as has been implemented in the Netherlands.


The full text is on the website above pending the publication of the full report.

A blow by blow account of the attempted cover up in Britain by paid lobbyists can be followed on the newsgroup uk.business.agriculture .

The abuse stalking and defamation over many years can be tracked back to the perpetrators.

The result of this has been the loss of many human lives in Britain and probably worldwide.

The roots of the piggy form of MRSA can be traced back to the secret mutated PMWS in British pigs in 1999.