Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Pig MRSA found in Poultry

ST398 is also found in pigs and people, not least in three Scots.

The information that people had been infected in Scotland was only released after many months had passed.

Informally it is known as "piggy MRSA."

This is the same strain that has been found recently in US pigs, not least as a result of the sterling work done by the American Gary Burkholder in persuading US academics to start taking a close interest in British pig epidemics and their consequences.

Almost alone amongst developed nations, Britain continues to refuse to release the results of testing its pigs for MRSA (or C.Diff. if they have been tested at all.)

They also refuse to release results of testing poultry for some diseases until 2010 even though they admit having the information.

Fuller information can be found by searching for related subjects on the newsgroup using Google Groups. The archive there covers the last decade of animal disease in Britain and elsewhere and includes many reports deliberately removed from the WWW.

The original blog entry giving the matter publicity and acess to further information is here:

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hospital Bug Deaths Rise - the link to pigs

Despite the claims that there is a small decrease in MRSA cases in the UK, and whatever the truth of these, there has been a massive increase in C.Diff in humans in all the main Circivirus - PMWS pig epidemic areas, worldwide.

Pigs do carry C.Diff and the same strains are seen in humans.

We now know that the British strain "027" is the same as the North American "NAP 1"

So the Gardiner Hypothesis, that so called "superbug" epidemics are closely linked to sick pigs and follow porcine epidemics of circovirus is even clearer with C.Diff than with MRSA.

The places to watch are the UK and Ireland, Canada (especially Ontario) together will hog raising areas of the United States and also States bordering Canada.

The situation continues to get worse and the British government still refuses to release information that may well save human lives.

"Hospital Bug Deaths Rise

There has been an alarming rise in the number of deaths in Northern Ireland hospitals, as a result of the superbug C-difficile. New figures revealed that 86 people died from C-diff in the first seven months of this year. That's more than the 77 fatalities reported for the whole of 2007. DUP MP Sammy Wilson, who uncovered the statistics in an Assembly question, described them as atrocious and urged the public to be vigilant. He said there were 63 C-diff deaths in 2006, and 35 in 2005, according to death certificate records."

The British government has little option but to release the results of testing the pigs for MRSA and C.Diff.

More on this and the constant stream of British animal and human epidemics can be found on the newsgroup This is fully searchable from Google Groups.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Price of Pork

This is a very important article coming as it does from superbug ravaged Quebec.

The poor health status of the pigs is acknowledged

"In the past two years, swine viruses decimated herds. "


"For example, raising animals in close proximity increases the risk of illnesses like porcine circovirus, which ravaged Quebec herds in 2006-07."

But no connection is made between the Circovirus - PMWS epidemics in pigs and the MRSA - C.Diff epidemics in the area's hospitals.

Have the Quebec people missed the connection?

No, Guelph University have already made and published it.

MRSA in pigs, people and pork, as did the Dutch four years ago.

The pressure is on not to publish the implications in Britain and in Canada for more or less the same reasons.

The Americans with their seventh cavalry of genuine free speech are just over the hill and closing fast.


Fertile ground: The price of pork Marian Scott Montreal Gazette Friday, July 25, 2008

Hog farmer Jean-Paul Roulin with pigs, at his farm in St. Urbain dePremier, Tuesday July 15/08.
The 11 one-day-old piglets suck hungrily, their pink skin almost transparent, as the sow grunts rhythmically...


More information on the newsgroup A living archive of Britain's animal and human health epidemics fully searchable on Google Groups.

The full original article can be accessed on

Friday, 25 July 2008

Canada - BSE - Live movements - yet again

This story really illustrates perfectly the damage that Britain's corrupt State Veterinary Service has done to the world.

It is obvious to an outsider that most animal disease is travelling the world in live movements.

Britain seems to make a hobby of moving live amimals in out and roundabout for the enrichment of the veterinary industry.

So, when they get trouble, which they do, and of ever increasing seriousness, they lie, lie and lie again.

They went too far in covering up the spread of disease in pigs and trying to attribute the resulting chaos to imaginary illegal infected meat imports.

The trouble was, bumbling incompetents that they are, they and their camp followers did not know their stuff and went too far leaving a trail of evidence of falsification, fabrication and intimidation behind them.

So now they are too terrified to test the pigs for fear they will be held responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of humans, here there, everywhere.

They will be. They might as well get on and test the pigs for MRSA and tell us the worst.,0,6081378.story

Audit says USDA lost track of imported cattle

Canada has reported 13 cases of mad cowBy Stephen J. Hedges Washington Bureau 2:07 AM CDT, July 23, 2008 WASHINGTON -

Despite persistent fears of mad cow disease in Canadian beef, the Department of Agriculture has failed to properly trackhundreds of Canadian cattle coming into the United States, the department's inspector general has concluded.

An audit, completed in March but only recently made public, said that some of the imported cattle did not have proper identification or health records despite federal regulations requiring them....

More information on the newsgroup A living archive of Britain's animal and human health epidemics fully searchable on Google Groups

Thursday, 24 July 2008

MRSA - C.Diff - Insurance and Claims

It is difficult to bring negligence claims against the hospitals for the reasons stated, especially when the government withheld relevant information from them (superbugs in pigs and pig farmers).

But the fact that MRSA and C.Diff may have been hidden up in British pigs is entirely different. Well worth grouping together and launching a class action.

If they were hidden up or if (as seems the only logical alternative)the pigs were never tested, then there is a clear case and whistle-blowers will emerge.

The lawyers won't miss it.

The figures for the increase in C.Diff in Britain are simply horrifying.

For the full story:

Wednesday, 23 July 2008, a Usenet newsgroup, is an invaluable resource detailing and recording Britain's animal health epidemics for almost a decade: a searchable blog before blogs were created.

Although it was created by accident, it's value is very real.

It is all there from Mad Cow (BSE) to Swine Fever (CSF) and Foot and Mouth (FMD) through to Avian Flu and Bovine TB.

The rows and scallywaggery, and a blow by blow account of paid lobbyists trying to misuse the Usenet is all recorded

...including the sinister hidden pig epidemic given many names: Circovirus, PMWS, PDNS and more.

The invasion of the hospitals by MRSA and C.Diff is charted and information about the true and suspected sources is given.

Much of the material has been removed from the WWW and is only available on