Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Denmark - no sense to remove MRSA from infected farmers

We are sure that the Danes are right. Denmark (and Britain) can now do little,  except get the culprits before the courts with a view to removing their influence and assets to try to help the victims and to pour into genuine research.

Some British politicians, from both Houses of Parliament, and from north of the border, will need removing from their posts, as will some quangoites from their sinecures together with the most senior civil service veterinarians.

It is the nightmare scenario.

Today's report from Denmark should be read in full  (mechanical translation) here.

Board of Health: It makes no sense to remove MRSA from infected farmers...

There is no need to eliminate MRSA infection of the employees at the Danish pig farms. They become infected again as soon as they are back at work, says Health.Unreasonably, the trade.

By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen August 27, 2014 at. 07:23

Individuals who work daily in an infected pig herd is all the time pig MRSA. Therefore, it generally does not make sense to try to eliminate MRSA carrier state in these subjects.

This is the part of Health's response to the question of how many people in direct contact with pigs infected with MRSA and not being treated for this infection. But it is bad a position to have to agricultural workers, says the criticism from 3F if Green Group represents employees in agriculture...

..."You have the right to go to work without the risk of getting sick. It is not fair that as a farm laborer not being treated for MRSA, because you run the risk of being infected again. Then you must do something to eliminate the risk, "said 3F's president of the Green Group, Arne Grevsen.

At a minimum, he believes that the Food Ministry may open up a much greater disclosure obligation. According to the Working Environment Authority , employers, in this case farmers inform their employees on how to avoid becoming infected if the pigs on the farm is infected with MRSA bacteria.

However, it provides no guarantee that employees are informed of the risk of infection, when farmers are not required to even test whether their pig herd has MRSA.

"It's too bad that it is only up to the farmer to decide whether he will examine the risk of MRSA infection in his herd. There is guaranteed a Ukrainian agricultural employee who has borne bacterium with him home to his family and homeland, without even knowing that he was infected, "says Arne Grevsen.

Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) has repeatedly rejected the Food & Drug Administration to screen all Danish pig farms of the bacterium, despite the fact that the country's leading transmission experts recommend it. Instead, the Agency has launched a sample of two percent of the farms in order to get an overview of the prevalence of the bacterium...

...This article was previously another headline that was not recovered. The editors regret the error.

Denmark - Ministers will stop school visits MRSA pig herds

Common-sense obviously and a Danish government being driven by events.

Britain's government will be driven to action and honesty by the disgust and fury of the electorate, plus the legal profession closing in quickly.

The full story is here, as always, read the, mechanical translation, in full.

Ministers will stop school visits MRSA pig herds

By Philip Knaack Kirkegaard
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 15:53

Fear of MRSA get the government to examine how they can prohibit schools visit pig farms with MRSA infection.

Folk School classes should not take a visit to pig farmers.

It has Health Minister Nick Hækkerup (S) and decided today. 

The ban is not yet in force...

...MRSA CC398, which is found in pigs to humans. Infections cannot be treated with common antibiotics and must be treated with special antibiotics.

For the elderly and infirm, the bacteria - like other types of staphylococci - be serious.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Denmark- Politicians powerless against pig MRSA

Not good, is it? Nobody knows what to do despite the seriousness of the situation.

It was a pity this was not tackled ten years ago.

Denmark is not getting any help from abroad. So much for Britain's self-promotion of its veterinary science! Britain is not even looked to for help or information.

We have long suggested closing some of Scotland's surplus veterinary colleges to remove some of Britain's excess veterinary capacity.

Spare veterinarians does not equal more knowledge, merely more prescribing of antibiotics to livestock in the UK. Without antibiotics, they won't be able to do much to help animals anyway.

As British veterinarians continue to hide up and play down the situation in Britain, the government will have to bring in foreign replacements to do the necessary work of at least finding out and making public how bad things really are in the UK.

As always read the full article, here (machine translation)

26. AUGUST 2014 KL. 09:17

Politicians are powerless against mutiresistent swine bacterial

Politicians call for knowledge so they can slow the spread of swineMRSA.


Report and on duty

...Pigs bacterium MRSA CC398 spreads currently in the Danish population at an unprecedented rate. As Politiken wrote yesterday, estimated by leading experts that between 6,000 and 12,000 Danes are already infected with the potentially deadly, multi-resistant bacteria.

At Christiansborg react politicians on the new figures with impotence.
"I feel really bad that the bacterium spreads, except I have no idea what to do about it. We have no idea frankly do not know what we're going to, "said the Social Democrats food spokesperson Orla Sea, and called the knowledge base 'rubbish'.

"Now we must make every effort to find out how we get extinct pig MRSA. My suggestion is that the minister is putting together a team of researchers from the human and the veterinary side, so we can get some useful knowledge, "said Orla Hav.

Also Danish People's René Christensen (DF), who is chairman of the Food Committee, feels without a compass.

"We have not received proper guidance of the Food & Drug Administration and Health... 

...No help available abroad

Politicians express frustration that they apparently did not pick up useful experience abroad.

First, Denmark is one of the countries most seriously affected by the pig-MRSA, secondly see countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Norway, which are also struggling with pig MRSA, does not seem to have found a good solution. Norway has tried to whole herds down to start fresh with new, healthy piglets and clean, disinfected
piggeries. Nevertheless, several of the crew after a short time got pig MRSA again.

Even in the Netherlands, which was the first country that established the multiresitente staphylococcus, has managed to crack the code to reduce pig MRSA. Here are up to 80 percent of the herds still infected, despite the fact that we have managed to reduce antibiotic use in barns...

Monday, 25 August 2014

Denmark - Pigs - Doctors criticize Danish MRSA plan.

Who would have thought that little Denmark would become the superbug battleground?

Despite their dependence on pigs, perhaps even because of it, this is where protest and reform flower, despite the arrest of journalists exposing the true situation.

Inevitably, Britain's medical profession will soon get seriously involved in the deplorable livestock associated MRSA situation in Britain.

The NHS have the numbers, power, prestige and, above all, the public support, to have Britain's corrupt vetocracy put out of business within days.

Britain cannot continue to expose human medicine's most vulnerable patients to life threatening veterinary disasters caused by the naked greed and abuse of power of the veterinary industry under-regulated by lethargic government.

Here is the report from Denmark's prestigious "The Engineer" leading the call for change.

As always read the mechanical translation, in full, here.

Doctors criticize Danish MRSA plan: 

We must put into sties

Leading consultants calls for combating the infectious MRSA bacteria on pig farms. It is no longer enough to try to keep the bacteria isolated on farms, such as the minister does.

By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen August 25, 2014 at. 11:33

We can not do more in hospitals than we do in advance to limit the contamination of pig MRSA.The resistant bacteria has already spread to the community, so now the infection dealt with at source, as are the pigs in the Danish housing.

This is the reaction of senior consultants on three of the clinical microbiological departments, according to the latest figures from the State Serum Institute shows that in the first six months are found just as many Danes infected with the bacterium that was found last year...

... Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) recently submitted five-point plan contains no measures to remove the infection in pigs in barns. The plan focuses instead on trying to keep the bacteria in the barn doors. But that's not enough, consider also professor and head of the clinic at the National Hospital clinical microbiology department Niels Frimodt-Moller...

...Consultant and head of research at the department of clinical microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark Hans Jørn Kolmos has previously called for action against bacterial proliferation in piggeries. He criticized recently in an interview with The Engineer that the minister refuses to follow Norway's ongoing attempts to eradicate MRSA-infected pig herds...

...And it is precisely the rapid increase in the spread of MRSA CC398 is very serious perspective, says Svend Ellermann-Eriksen.

"The biggest problem is long-term, because if the bacteria become more prevalent, we may have to use the strongest antibiotics to all patients with infections before a screening can identify the bacterium in question. And then we run the risk of creating resistance in the last antibiotic that we have, "says the consultant...

...For the second time, the Food Committee convened Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) and Health Minister Nick Hækkerup (S) in consultation for an explanation of the fight against swine bacterium.The open consultation will take place on Wednesday, August 27.

Denmark - Porcine MRSA - school visits to pig farms

Denmark TV  today picks up the theme of the wisdom of school visits to pig farms.

As far as we know, this is not an issue in Britain, Commercial pig farms, who generally do not even like their addresses published, certainly do not encourage visitors.

But there have been issues at "petting zoos" and in the USA at both petting zoos and agricultural fairs.

But overall, since Defra, Britain's devious agricultural  ministry, has only admitted a single British pig MRSA case in a Northern Irish piglet, and that only recently. the problem is more closely related to the ridiculous veterinary fantasy of healthy British pig herds and never ending illegal cover-ups.

We have to assume the worst and keep the kids away from the pigs.

If things are as bad in the UK, as in Denmark, we should be following the Danish veterinary reformers and critics closely to start to realise the full human health implications.

A mechanical translation is here, as always, read in full.

PM. 13:41In July,

105 people infected with the resistant swine bacterium MRSA, which is the highest number ever.

By Maja Lark Maach

Almost every other pigs can be infected with the dangerous MRSA bacteria.And while the multi-resistant bacteria spreads, and more people without contact with pigs get the bacteria, there are still thousands of children and adults who come to visit our farms.
A farm can namely according to Health Control Transfiguration continue as farm visits, even if the infection is detected in a shrinking population.

And it worries Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor of microbiology. His research swine bacterium...

...Drop trips

Hans Jørn Kolmos calls on the authorities to either completely stop the visits, or at least require that the farms are tested free of infection before a class or an institution shall make a farm visit...

...From 2008 to 2012 had farms with MRSA bacteria is not used as places to visit, but this has changed.

It has not been possible to get a comment from the Health Protection Agency. Device Manager Søren Brostrøm says to Politiken :

- One should be pretty close and frequent contact with infected pigs to be a carrier of MRSA CC398. Therefore, we advise not brief visit to visit farms. But hygiene should be in the order of visiting the stables...

Denmark - Thousands are infected with porcine MRSA without knowing it

Thee current pig MRSA scandal continues to make headlines in Denmark.

Now, we have to find out after years of complaining, from Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment, the true situation in Britain.

We know widespread infection in pigs has been covered-up for many years.

People, not least the sick and the old, will die from the blatant neglect of basic duty by successive British governments in failing to control corrupt veterinary civil servants.

We know that porcine MRSA, also known as MRSA cc398, MRSA st398, pig MRSA and Swine MRSA, has been admitted to be in the British turkey flocks, the milk supply, people, and finally, very recently, a single pig in Northern Ireland.

British hospitals have failed to introduce the tests common to the near Continental countries.

The matter has to be handed immediately to the police, Special Branch, for a full investigation. That is merely the first step to try to save human lives.

The writer will be happy to co-operate with any properly constituted and authorised investigation.

Anyway, here is Politiken Denmark, last night. Be sure to read in full and understand that it is a mechanical translation. The story is appearing widely in the Danish media.

ILLNESS 24. AUG. 2014 KL. 22:30

Thousands are infected with porcine MRSA without knowing it

Up to 12,000 Danes are unaware of their infection withmultidrug-resistant swine bacterium.

MULTI-RESISTANT. Pigs bacterium MRSA will lead more deaths with them, experts believe. 


Report and on duty

Right now between 6,000 and 12,000 Danes unsuspecting round and is infected with the multidrug-resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398.

It shows the calculations of the two leading MRSA experts who describes it as certain that more Danes will die as a result of the infection...

..."It is naive to imagine otherwise. It's simple math, when so many are infected, "said the head of MRSA Knowledge Center in the Capital Region, Westh.

He and Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark Hans Jørn Kolmos have made calculations of the true level of infection with porcine MRSA in Denmark...

Friday, 22 August 2014

Denmark - MRSA st398 - A pig industry built on tetracycline.

Danish scientists provide an unusual mathematical comparison in an editorial on MRSA st398 in pigs and people and expose a pig industry built on tetracycline.

Be sure to read in full here. It is a mechanical translation, of course, but the main points are clear enough.

Editorial: Impotent level - swine bacterial put the Danes chess

By Arne R. Stein Mark August 22, 2014 at. 07:03

My reward is simple. A grain of rice on the first field. Two of the other four on the third, and so on. The Spirit of chess origin are well known: the cunning inventor cheated his ruler who came to owe him rice equal to world production for nearly a millennium.

The question is whether a similar model for exponential development hiding behind the latest figures for infection rates of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus cc398 - pig MRSA...

... But Denmark distinguished by a very large, highly concentrated and efficient pig, which is based on the use of tetracycline. It looks undeniably a dead end not finding ways and discuss the far-reaching steps. Queue at the wash basin is clearly inadequate when it comes to eliminating cc398.