Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swine Flu - Eton Closes

Disease is no respecter of person.

Which is why the writer can look any pig farmer in the face over Britain's constant animal health disasters.

They have been caused by corruption in Britain's State Veterinary Service.

It could be their kids. In fact, for some zoonotic diseases, including
MRSA, as the Dutch experience shows, it is more likely to be their kids.

We cannot allow a decade of veterinary corruption and associated
intimidation to be covered up by Westminster.

Eton closes as boy has swine flu

Tamiflu tablets are prescribed for people with swine flu.

Public school Eton will close for a week after a pupil tested positive
for swine flu, a school spokesman has said.

It comes after health officials announced a further 17 people in the
UK were diagnosed with the virus, taking the total number of cases to

Fourteen of the new cases - 13 children and one adult - are part of an
outbreak now totalling 64 cases linked to Welford Primary School in

Welford is carrying out a "deep clean" while closed for half-term.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

MRSA - A decade of crime

It is very noticeable that the claim by a prominent British pig
veterinarian that British pigs have MRSA has not been repeated in the
British media. Indeed it seems to have been deliberately cut from
reports of the meeting carried in the United Kingdom.

It was made at a conference in the Irish Republic and recorded in the
Irish national press.

The claim is doubtless correct, although the one percent seems far too low and any suggestion, that there are no human health issues, unbelievably complacent.

"The British academic also said that a strain of MRSA found to be
present in the nose of 1pc of pigs is not related to MRSA in humans
and that no human death had ever been attributed to this strain."

That's not what other very serious and senior scientists suggest.

Serious corruption is not confined to the House of Commons.

When the British government is deliberately withholding information,
relevant to public health from the public, and with the collusion of
much of the agricultural and veterinary press, we have good reason to be worried.

Britain has a long and dishonourable record of hiding serious animal
and zoonotic health problems from its own people by bullying and
threatening the media.

Now, they lose control, thanks to the Internet and Google and the
newsgroup - - where a decade of criminal
activity is recorded - and available for the world to search and see.

Britain's corrupt State Veterinary Service will be held to account
before the Courts and world opinion.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

MRSA in British pigs harmless to humans?

This quite extraordinary statement was given and published in the Republic of Ireland by a prominent British porcine vet.

Apparently it is OK to publish information in the Republic of Ireland
presumably based on data collected by British civil servants at British taxpayer's expense and refused to the British public for months on end by Britain's corrupt government vets.

Is it correct?

Who knows?

Pig health is a state secret in Britain.

Complainants, terrorised by the servants of the state, are wrongfully refused protection by the Speaker of the House of Commons when they give evidence to the Mother of Parliaments of civil service corruption.

Tuesday May 19 2009

The Department of Agriculture is to launch a new salmonella scheme in
a bid to tackle worrying levels of the disease in the national pig

(Editor's Note - reference is to the Irish pig herd)

...Meanwhile, Steve McOrist, from the University of Nottingham in
Britain, told the symposium that the results of the EU studies raised
the question of whether a programme that attempted to reduce
salmonella on pig farms would have any real benefit to humans...

...The British academic also said that a strain of MRSA found to be
present in the nose of 1pc of pigs is not related to MRSA in humans
and that no human death had ever been attributed to this strain.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Let's call Swine Flu: Alberta Pig Flu.

In Alberta, not satisfied with any of the existing names, they are calling Swine Flu: "SOIV” (Swine Originated Influenza Virus)

It’s a good job some of the journalists are on the ball. These people have misled the world on what looks the most serious human health threat for decades.

Signs of disagreement between the medical and veterinary people, we note.

We also find out for the first time, that both the pigs and farmer were sick before the now famous carpenter turned up from Mexico: the man who was supposed to have introduced the "new" virus to the pigs, following his visit to Mexico.

“several family members were sick over the Easter weekend, a few days before the sick carpenter turned up on the farm.”

“adding that a chronic respiratory problem that had plagued the herd may have masked the first signs.”

The world should rename it "Alberta Pig Flu." They won’t do that again.

Circumstantial evidence the only proof of person-to-pig H1N1 infection: CFIA

TORONTO — There is no smoking gun in the case of the H1N1 infected pigs - and authorities investigating the first known infections of pigs with this new swine flu virus may not be able to unearth one, a senior Canadian Food Inspection Agency official admits.

Testing of people on the Alberta farm - some of which was done too late, some of which may not have used the best technique to get an answer - has turned up no solid proof people brought the virus to the pigs. And it remains to be seen whether blood testing will be able to fill the evidence gap....

Friday, 8 May 2009

Swine Flu - No spread from man to pigs

Over the years, it has become distressingly clear, that like Britain,
Canada is a constant source of disinformation about animal and human health epidemics.

They share the same low ethical standards with Britain's agricultural ministry and her bent vets. Their hospitals and intensive farms are riddled with a similar cocktail of zoonotic disease - under reported and over spun.

For days, it has been obvious that they have been lying about the
transfer of swine flu from humans to pigs in Alberta and have misled the whole world.

Information was withheld from the media and there were major discrepancies in the story that circled the world: signs of deliberate deception.

Fortunately, the main victim, the carpenter agrees and has the guts to expose them.

They had no evidence that this man was the source and the authorities are now scrabbling about trying to find or concoct some.

When the Canadian people find out what has been going on in Canada, the fur will really fly. They are suspicious already.

Now we need to know how the Candian pig herd did get infected with H1N1


Worker at centre of pig-farm flu won't take blame


May 8, 2009

CALGARY, TORONTO -- The carpenter at the centre of a virulent new
strain of flu on an Alberta pig farm said he didn't think twice about
showing up to work sick, hardly expecting that the virus he might have
brought home from Mexico would soon "wreck" the pork industry...

...Two days after he returned from travelling to Mexico as part of the
congregation of Rocky Mountain House Covenant, a Christian Reform
Church in his central Alberta hometown, Mr. Blaak felt a bit under the
weather, but he went ahead with a contract to change some vents at a
local pig barn. He said he worked in an area above the pigs and never
touched them.

But he felt terrible later that night.

He stayed home for a week toughing out the cough and fever in bed. He
sought medical attention on April 24, after reports of the A/H1N1 flu
emerged, even though he no longer felt sick.

"I got tested twice for it and both tests came back negative," Mr.
Blaak said.

Frank Plummer, scientific director of the National Microbiology
Laboratory in Winnipeg, said yesterday that the tests done on Mr.
Blaak were negative for the virus. But the testing was done after he
recovered, Dr. Plummer said, adding that scientists will look for
antibodies in a serum sample.

Other workers on the farm also tested negative for the new virus, Dr.
Plummer said.

Mr. Blaak said he believes officials have jumped to conclusions and
the illness has been blown out of proportion.

"They kind of wreck an industry," he said.....

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Swine Flu - the name game

The Swine Flu name game continues, but may now have more significance.

On BBC TV lunchtime today both the British Home Secretary and the Chief Medical Officer, Liam Donaldson, referred to H1N1 as "Swine Flu."

The front cover of the government booklet being sent to every home refers to "Swine Flu."


It does seem odd. The WHO gave in to pork lobby pressure to only use "H1N1", and they made a great song and dance about the change, as did President Obama.

But Britain won't change.

That's not like official Britain, is it? The man in the street may not be influenced; but governments normally follow United Nations guidance.

It may well reflect tensions between the medical professions and the vets over MRSA and C.Diff in the pigs leaking into the hospitals.

There is considerable evidence to support this.

HM Customs & Excise were obviously instructed not to dispute the origins of the CSF and FMD epidemics with Maff-Defra, the agricultural ministry, despite Customs being made the scapegoats.

The government could never have kept the medical profession quiet over MRSA st398 for this long without a direct order from the top.

The medical boys knew. They were actually sitting on committees being induced to assist the cover-up and acquiesce in cover stories by the government veterinarians.

The government were quietly running down the size of the State Veterinary Service and removing, very discretely, their authority.

They have been doing so for some years and the writer has frequently publicly complained that it was too slow a process.

The British Government may have come to the same conclusion. The advent of swine flu makes veterinarians far too dangerous as employees to support or protect.

They are right. Their vets are serial offenders and we have had far too many bent vet diseases in Britain accompanied by oppression and intimidation.

That cannot continue through a human pandemic.

The government veterinarians are far more dangerous than the pigs. The pigs get culled or eaten, the vets live on at public expense to re-offend.

-- Regards Pat Gardiner
Release the results of testing British pigs for MRSA and C.Diff now! and