Friday, 10 April 2009

MRSA - Pigs - Britain's Plan B

This report is compiled from a variety of sources, mostly government.

Sooner or later, Britain’s corrupt State Veterinary Service are going to have to admit that Britain’s pigs have MRSA.

It will become clear that they have been deliberately covering it up for some years.

We know that they are very concerned that the admission will be “misunderstood” by the general public.

The general public will understand perfectly that they have been lied to again and will be lining up to put the boot up some veterinary and political backsides.

The MRSA will probably be St398 and/or a selection of related strains.

There will be continuation of the campaign to blame the Dutch, Danes, illegal immigrants, imaginary terrorists and especially anyone weak and vulnerable.

But that will not be enough. The government vets have been running out of innocent victims to blame for their crimes against humanity.

They plan to use pets or “companion animals” as the cover story. They intend to claim that pets get MRSA from humans and then pass it back to humans.

They do not intend to admit the high level of MRSA carriers within the veterinary profession, who are probably more likely to be the source for any MRSA in cats, dogs and horses.

They have been working hard with some virtually “in-house” animal charities, dominated by vets, to get them to push the “pets are a risk” agenda.

No doubt, the compliant vets hope for even more money and the charities a big increase in donations to spend on “blame the pets” PR and the services of vets.

Defra has been holding consultations with North American veterinary organisations to co-ordinate their new campaign.

So watch for news items appearing featuring Tiddles and Fido with soft compassionate vets and sweet music: together with instructions to consult your vet.

They would have included sweet little old ladies, but I imagine that veterinary blunders, lies and greed will have killed them all off by then.