Monday, 29 June 2009

MRSA - claims of a new" survey of British pigs

The National Pig Association has moved this morning to emphasise that the responsibility for admitting any MRSA in British pigs lies with Defra, the British Agriculture Ministry.

They do it in a bizarre way, but ensure the SVS will get all the blame when finally they are forced to admit that they have been hiding up MRSA in British pigs.

Unless Defra have yet another round of testing under way, something they have not announced, the tests were actually completed long ago and the positive results deliberately withheld from the public.

A senior British pig vetrinarian has admitted that British pigs do have MRSA but only when speaking outside Britain.

Most normal civilised countries have admitted MRSA in their pigs,including most of Europe and North America.

But this is Britain - a criminalised country with corrupt civil servants and government vets, faking and fiddling their way from crisis to crisis.

June 29


..."Defra is currently surveying the national pig herd to see if,unlike mainland Europe, it remains free from the drug-resistant superbug MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

If Defra's findings confirm the English herd is free from MRSA, industry leaders will urge Defra to insist any imports of weaners tothis country come from MRSA-free herds."...