Saturday, 24 July 2010

Circovirus - God Bless America!

The writer is amazed and delighted to see this article from Iowa. He feels vindicated over a decade long campaign about circovirus in pigs and British veterinary corruption.

He agrees with almost everything said, with the exception that there is clear contradiction on the efficiency of vaccines. One can’t expect everything.

Just a few key quotes (and our comments in brackets.)

1. “virtually no hog farms in the world free of the virus, except two U.S. herds” (British herds have been riddled for the last decade. That’s a big secret in Britain except to the vets and the industry.)

2. “Co-infections are amazingly common” (That explains the constant infections that can and are treated by antibiotics. It explains the massive quantities of antibiotics used in British pigs and the links to antibiotic resistant diseases.)

3. “reduced immunity to other disease pathogens or co-infections.” (Attacks the immune system and explains the co-infections)

4. “close relationship between PCV2 and PRRS infections” (This confirms the link between circovirus and the equally devastating PRRS)

5. “Vaccinated pigs that don’t develop immunity are also at risk of developing the disease. For example, a 10% vaccination failure rate can result in up to a $2 loss for every pig in a group, Thacker calculates.” (This slightly ambiguous comment confirms the doubts about the efficiency of vaccines – although it seems contradicted elsewhere in this article)

6. “Pig-to-pig is probably the more common means of transmission.” (It has been obvious that live pig and possibly semen movements have been at the very least the main means of movement both worldwide and domestically and not only of circovirus. Domestic spread is largely via the infamous pyramid systems. Imaginary ilegally imported infected meat is still being pushed as the major source by those relying on the trading of live pigs worldwide and the pyramid systems of production.)

7. “Diagnosis is difficult.” That explains why live pig movement internationally should have been stopped a decade ago. There was no way any veterinarian could sign a health declaration other than recklessly and why the government veterinary services failed in their duty to step in and stop them.

All in all a brilliant article, long over due.

The writer feels his faith in the strength of American free speech was justified. Things are not as bad in America as they are in Britain, but America is rapidly moving ahead of Britain in coming out with honesty and integrity in grappling with the problem.

How different here for a one very sick Englishman, battered, bruised, abused, lied about and threatened with arson in his own home for speaking the truth and standing up to state sponsored and protected veterinary crime and corruption!

Now corrupt British vets will be facing the prospect of going behind bars. That day is brought closer by this brave article.

God Bless America!

Circovirus Control Remains Critical
Jul 16, 2010 5:13 PM, By Joe Vansickle Senior Editor

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