Friday, 14 January 2011

Britain's pigs have had Swine Flu H1N1

At last, we get a clear admission in the mainstream farming media that British pig herds have had H1N1, Swine Flu.

It was known, but it is nice to see a confirmation.

It is a throwaway line, but it does come in the Farmers Guardian therefore, presumably, carries a Defra, (the British Agricultural Minintry) veterinary imprinteur.

That is significant. Every word on pig health in Britain is weighed twice for possible consequences to Britain's corrupt veterinarians before being released for publication.

Unlike Ireland, British pig workers are still not prioritised for Swine Flu vaccine.

Even if they escape catching it from the pigs, they could infect the pigs.


Poultry workers warned on swine flu

14 January 2011

By Alistair Driver

...The virus has been identified in a number of UK pig herds, however...