Wednesday, 12 October 2011

MRSA st398 - The Emergence of Swine-associated MRSA

"A Dangerous Piggyback Ride"

The Emergence of Swine-associated MRSA

John M. Balbus MD MPH
American Public Health Association
San Diego.

An interesting slide show from the USA. We are told that it was originally given as a lecture to the American Public Health Association meeting in 2008: three years ago

See slide show here. Don't miss the associated notes. You need to scroll down the page.

Slide 20 makes it clear that ST398 was known to be in Britain.

You will find references to MRSA st398 in children in Scotland in this blog and in the newsgroup We also noted that this outbreak had been hidden up for for six months, see here.

When I was a lad, just starting out, we still had many WW1 survivors still at work, one of whom was fond of quoting this about government secrecy:

"Shush!  It's a secret. We know, Jerry knows, even the bloody Mesopotamians know, but it is still a secret."

We wonder if anyone has told Britain's government veterinarians that everyone knows they are hiding up a scandal: one that is going to rock the world and knock them off their pedestal.

Should not have done it, should they? They were always bound to get caught.

The length of time they have deliberately misled the British public on such a serious matter must be some kind of record. It  knocks spots off the secret of the human E.Coli 0157 epidemic in Britain earlier this year. That was a mere seven months of deceit and cover-up.