Monday, 5 December 2011

MRSA in pigs - New report

The white flag is flying over the Royal Veterinary College; well actually is is more like a grubby rag waved from a basement. It's all too late, as they effectively admit.

The Pig Site is reporting EU Research co-ordinated by the RVC

They do not mention MRSA in British pigs, but they do include the following items.

"A European alliance of scientists has confronted the spread of dangerous MRSA strains in the community and in livestock."

"The bacterium however did not escape from the hospitals but emerged, amongst others through antibiotic and zinc use, among live-stock. The eradication of MRSA among live-stock is practically impossible to achieve"

"The bacterium is genetically flexible and has been shown to adapt rather easily to new circumstances. Therefore, MRSA remains a health care threat. A solution is not yet available and prudent use of antibiotics is currently the only option to limit spread as much as possible."

"New research shows close contact needed to catch MRSA from pigs

The resistant bacterium, MRSA ST398, is often associated with pigs but mostly affects people who have regular and close contact with the animals"

There is much more detail which can be reached here

Monday, December 05, 2011
Research: Close Contact to Catch MRSA from Pigs