Friday, 24 August 2012

Swine flu in aerosols from pig farms

Nothing really unexpected, but this comes at a time when swine flu, spreading to humans from pigs,  is again making the news.

This research does underline the potential human dangers from pig farms, and the dangers of rapid spread between pig farms.

It is also reasonable to expect that large groups of pigs, already ill with circovirus and co-infections, will be more liable to flu.

The industry position is changing now, from denial to acceptance of the obvious. It is about time.

Abstract here

Detection of influenza virus in aerosols from swine farms
24-Aug-2012 (today)

C.A. Corzo; M. Torremorell; S. Dee; M. Gramer; R. Morrison. Detection
of influenza virus in aerosols from swine farms. 2011 Allen D. Leman
Swine Conference.

The objective of this study is to detect airborne influenza A virus
from acutely infected pig populations in the field...

...Our results confirm that acutely infected pig populations do
generate airborne influenza A virus viable particles capable of being
exhausted from pig barns and likely disseminated to other farms in the
vicinity. Additionally, acutely infected populations can generate
viable particles for at least a week after infection.