Thursday, 13 September 2012

British Newsgroup,

The importance of the British Newsgroup, can finally be spelled out.

The British establishment have been caught in a massive cover-up over Hillsborough.

The same techniques of manufacturing and disseminating false stories was used to cover up the source and handling of the 2000-2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic, by the then agricultural ministry MAFF, now Defra.

My early posts to the newsgroup  say 2001 -2005, contain all the necessary information for journalists to follow the trail, identify the politicians, civil servants, trade organisations, individuals and, alas, journalists and publications involved.  The finance necessary was passing through intermediaries from MAFF.

The purpose of the cover-up was to obscure mistakes made by politicians and civil servants, and later to try to discredit critics, and witnesses to various bodies over a wide range of issues.

As friends will know, the writer, very reasonably, did not expect to be here to tell the tale, and it was his attempt to do the right thing for Britain and its people and leave the key loose threads hanging for professionals to unpick the story later.

When attempts were made to silence him, most importantly by constantly trying to get him offline, this was his response in a form safe, we hope, from British state corruption.

So, it is, basically, all there for full criminal investigation and prosecutions.

Readers should not be too diverted by the highly personal nature of some of the attacks on the writer. Few if any of the key players have ever posted to Those throwing insults and claiming expertise they do not really possess can be safely ignored. I have grown to be very tolerant of their attempts to torment me, others should do the same. They swallowed the fabrications from Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment hook, line and sinker, because they were told what they wanted to hear. My occasional intemperate outbursts can be taken as the desperate efforts of a very sick man struggling, with time against him, to break through an organised barrage of abuse and disinformation. Anyway, everyone can form their
own opinion.

The investigating authorities should be wary of any attempts to close down or swamp it or indeed tamper with the posts.

Much more, deliberately removed from the WWW, is available from my personal records long removed to safety abroad.

I expect this will result in another storm of abuse and veiled threats.