Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hepatitis E and pork in Britain. 'Sunday Times' report

The really dreadful story of Hepatitis E in Britain, covered yesterday here, has really broken this time and in the Sunday Times this morning . The writer was not knowingly involved in the article, so it seems that they have arrived at similar conclusions as we did, independently: the timing co-incidental.

Britain has awoken to the news that their beloved pork is dangerous.

The most telling paragraph is in the Sunday Times (page 11)

"...scientists claim both Defra and the Food Standards Agency (FSA)have been given numerous warnings about the disease and have simply failed to act."

For sure that is true.

The writer is not a scientist, but even an interested non-scientist knew that the problem was so serious that the authorities decided to ignore and cover-up the implications for consumers and farmers alike.

This blog and published material elsewhere, shows that despite being under constant organised defamatory attack over many years, we tracked the story from its beginnings and constantly warned of yet another cover-up under way at Defra - Britain's truly awful and corrupt agricultural ministry and the successor of MAFF, the architects of BSE, Mad Cow, and vCJD.

Action will have to be taken urgently to remove those responsible for this new act of criminal neglect of duty, from public office or employ. There will have to be a public inquiry, under oath this time, with the prospect of criminal prosecutions for civil servants.

Anyway, here is the Sunday Times this morning. The rest is behind a pay-wall.

Deadly new virus found in sausages

Jonathan Leake, Science Editor Published: 15 September 2013

SCIENTISTS have warned that 10% of pork sausages sold in Britain are
infected with hepatitis E, a potentially deadly new virus that has
become endemic in intensively farmed pigs...