Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hepatitis E in British pigs and human health,

The British authorities, including public health, have released a flood of information on zoonotic disease, based on pig slaughter tests.

The writer and others are wading through it now, starting with HEV from pigs in Britain, as it has been part of my signature for so long and and human risks an important subject on this blog for years. You can get the whole report here:

And the HEV part in full here. The figures speak for themselves, we will just give a taste of the recommendation:


...To mitigate dietary hazard to humans…but how?

o Identify source of non-travel G3 group1 AND G3 group 2 viruses
o Alter pattern of infections in pigs to reduce viraemia at slaughter
o Cook pork as recommended by DH

o Identify high risk patients to avoid HEV exposure
o Mitigate transfusion risk for humans
o Bear in mind vaccine and anti-viral drugs in humans