Saturday, 5 April 2014

MRSA st398 in Horses, Veterinarians and Pigs

Today, at Aintree, on Grand National Day, the world enjoys the spectacle of  jet setting racehorses showing their speed and agility. 

That the failures seem to have a less publicised future is another matter.

But it is another deteriorating situation with high rates of MRSA st398 in horses attributed to globe trotting horses, with the human spread, colonisation and infection, not least of veterinarians,

Even pigs get a mention, dare we say blame, but we don't see many racehorses associating with pigs!

We have to look to an intermediate vector, such as colonised veterinarians.

The note at the foot of the report, here, illustrates the growing interest of Lloyds.

Rise of MRSA strain in European horses described

By Neil Clarkson on Apr 05, 2014 in Focus, Health