Saturday, 31 May 2014

MRSA st398. Drug-resistant swine bacteria out of control in Denmark

It takes courage to speak out in pig-dependent Denmark, even when you are right. The Danes arrest journalists who expose farms with pig disease.

Future generations will ask why Britain failed to take any action over MRSA st398 (cc398) in Britain.

Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment are responsible for the long-standing cover-up of animal disease spreading to humans and will eventually be called to account.

The full 'Copenhagen Post news report can be found here.

Drug-resistant swine bacteria out of control, says professor

The danger is no longer just limited to those in the pig business

May 30, 2014

by Ray Weaver

An outbreak of the multidrug-resistant swine bacteria MRSA CC 398 at a nursing home has at least one researcher warning that its spread must be stopped.
“Agriculture has consistently argued that the pig bacteria is a safety problem that can only infect those who work in the stables,” Professor Hans Jørn Kolmos told DR Nyheder.
“Now we see a growing number of cases among people with no contact to the profession, and thus the situation is out of control.”
Fødevarestyrelsen and Sundhedsstyrelsen – the food and drug administration and the health department – have given up trying to locate the pig farms that are infected...
 ...Kolmos said that strategy is bound to fail.
“The bacteria is increasingly infecting ordinary Danes without any contact with the industry, so you cannot stop the spread by simply screening those in contact with the industry when they go to the hospital.”  ...
...Norway getting it right...

...(to)  try to limit the spread while there is still time,” said Kolmos.