Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The superbug scandal unravelling in Europe

The superbug scandal, and in particular the responsibility of livestock farming for creating the problem continues, to grow.

MRSA, although merely one of many antibiotic resistant infections shared with animals, continues to take centre stage. The volume of media reports coming in daily, worldwide, ever increases.

The veterinary industry continues to pour out misleading propaganda, but with far less confidence.

The veterinarians, not least in Britain, have at last realised that they are going to be called to account, and not by some veterinary regulatory body, with kindly words and a slapped wrist from fellow veterinarians.

They are going to be in the world courts facing charges of crimes against humanity, stripped of public sympathy and shorn of their public relation's machine.

Defra, Britain's ridiculous agricultural ministry and their attendant politicians and cronies, will be too busy trying to cover-up their own devious protection racketeering to offer any help.

It is not just happening in Britain. The endless rows in Denmark are taking their toll.
This caught our eye today:

Veterinarians seeking to defend their wild reckless exploitation of antibiotics are going to have to watch their words very carefully. The world is listening.

Finding solutions to reinvent new healthy pig and poultry industries is not proving to be easy.

Norway, the leaders in the race, is finding more farms with MRSA cc398, temporarily stopping them as a possible MRSA free source for breeding stock. But there has been a benefit: all the latest victim farms took weaners from a single source, helping prove the case for segregating the new high health pig farms on islands, such as Bornholm and Islay, from pigs and pig people, except under highly controlled environments. Strict science is needed at the top of the pyramid: good science to defeat bad science.

Sad to see that all the small farmers and smallholders, in many countries, that had isolated pigs able to provide the clean stock have long been driven out of livestock farming by corrupt government, megalomaniac veterinarians and their industrial cronies.

Things could have been so different had the rule of law been properly applied. Magna Carta was forgotten in the greedy rush to make fortunes, whatever the consequences.