Friday, 17 July 2015

Britain - MRSA - Questions in Parliament - Reform will follow.

Things have been lively in both the House of Commons and and the House of Lords recently with a string of absurd State Veterinary double somersaults on antics antibiotic and matters mrsa.

You could call it a veterinary Indian rope trick. The questions are sensible, the answers ridiculous.

You can read it all for yourselves, and if you get the impression that you are not getting the truth, you would, of course, be right.

Britain, it seems, now admits using more antibiotics in livestock than superbug-ridden Denmark, but miraculously escapes getting much in the way of  MRSA.

The old people, the pregnant, the children and the cancer sufferers are, of course, the victims of the crime of the century.

Of course, the culprits and drug dealers will be called to account, their bank accounts confiscated and their massive institutional assets removed. Reform will follow.

Latest first.

A question Asked by Kerry McCarthy
(Bristol East)
Asked on: 09 July 2015
and the answer on the

Answered by: George Eustice
Answered on: 16 July 2015

Then in the Lords

Asked by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath
Asked on: 29 June 2015
Department of Health
and the answer

Answered by: Lord Prior of Brampton
Answered on: 13 July 2015

Back to the Commons

Asked by Kerry McCarthy
(Bristol East)
Asked on: 07 July 2015
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Livestock: MRSA

Answered by: George Eustice
Answered on: 13 July 2015