Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hepatitis E in veterinarians and pork

Veterinarians worldwide are having a difficult time, especially those handling pigs.

Pigs are generally now very diseased and the situation is getting worse by the day.

We have known since last year that many veterinarians involved with pigs were infected with Hepatitis E

Pigs play a role with Hepatitis E spread
17 Nov 2009
...Research to antibodies in veterinarians and a representative number of members of the public showed that among the vets working intensively with pigs was the highest percentage of infected people (11%). ...
But it was not clear from where the pigs were getting the disease.

Now, we also find from France that pig liver can infect anyone eating it without thorough cooking

French delicacy linked to hepatitis E
Wednesday 25 August 2010
French delicacy linked to hepatitis E

...Authorities add warning label to pig liver sausage, calling for thorough cooking to combat virus risk.

A sausage containing pig livers, commonly eaten in the southeast of France and the island of Corsica, could be infecting people with the hepatitis E virus, health scientists warn this month online in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. In the study, they link cases of hepatitis E from three separate outbreaks to the consumption of the French delicacy figetellu...