Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Porcine Circovirus - the risks to humans realised

The ominous concluding quote from a much longer paper, “Porcine circovirus type 2: success and failure” from Sweden, delivered in Canada last month, and given below.

The vaccines don’t work very well, the situation in pigs gets ever worse, bits of circovirus are being found in vaccines given to children and there continue to be very reasonable worries about the impact on human health.

We keep breeding the pigs and stuffing them with antibiotics to deal with the consequences (co-infections).

MRSA in pigs and people is only one of the results. Circovirus, the root cause, is still there, dark and dangerous.

We continue to move the pigs, embryos and semen, freely about the world, just to make sure that we have a done a thorough job of infecting everything, including people, with the resulting hotchpotch of little understood pathogens.

We have allowed veterinarians, uncontrolled but privileged and protected, to cover-up and to organise and supervise this for a whole decade.

The writer carries on complaining through the hail of organised abuse, stalking and threats, for the last ten years.


…“PCV as a contaminant in vaccines

Lately attention has been drawn to PCV as contaminants in vaccines for human use. Two licensed rotavirus vaccines, aimed to protect against enteric disease in infants, were found contaminated with PCV1 alone or in combination with PCV2, (

In particular the PCV2 contamination urges forcontinual studies that increase our understanding of this virus, including its potential to replicate in human cells and the eventual immune modulating capacity of PCV2 DNA on human cells.”