Wednesday, 13 April 2011

MRSA found in British pets

Anxious to take the spotlight off pigs, as expected, Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, are rolling out plan B in the Daily Mail with the long planned involvement of the Canadians.

What a mistake, publishing the minutes of British and Canadian discussions! We knew what was in their minds.

Pets are to take the blame for MRSA in humans and, inevitably, will be abandoned.

Anyway, this must be the last ditch for the vets. They risk a big split amongst themselves.

The thousands of, mostly female, pet vets are not going to be impressed with the mainly male livestock orientated establishment's cover-ups.

They are going to get a damn sight madder if they take MRSA home to the kids.

Daily Mail report in full here

MRSA superbugs found on pets by TIM UTTON, Daily Mail

Wednesday, Apr 13 2011

Superbug: the MRSA has been found on household pets

The deadly superbug sweeping hospitals has been found in British pets,
experts have revealed.

Evidence that MRSA - which kills 5,000 patients a year - can cross the
species barrier raises the prospect of animals infecting their owners
- and vice versa.

The Health Protection Agency says it found the superbug in 12 pets
after analysing samples from cats, dogs and a rabbit...

...Dr Donald Low, a microbiologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto,
has found it in horses, cats, dogs and guinea pigs.

'This is a warning to Britain about MRSA,' he said. 'I've looked at
the case of a horse, a thoroughbred, which ended up infecting its

Horses are particularly at risk, he said, because they are costly
creatures and vets tend to use expensive antibiotics on them.

The British Veterinary Association urged pet owners not to panic and
not to abandon their animals.

Dr Alistair Gibson, spokesman, said: 'We don't want to see a massive
scare that will make people get rid of their pets...