Thursday, 7 April 2011

MRSA in livestock, Dutch guard their hospitals

Extracts from the "Instructions to Patients" leaflet issued by Erasmus MC – that’s the Rotterdam University Hospital.

We apparently don’t need or take these precautions in Britain.

Our world renowned government veterinarians tell us British livestock is MRSA free.

Yes that’s right, that’s the people that brought the world BSE (Mad Cow) and mishandled the 2001 Foot and Mouth Epidemic even delaying a General Election in the resulting chaos.

They claim British livestock is MRSA free.

Amongst many other disasters, they later let FMD escape from their premises at Pirbright infecting a number of farms: then denied responsibility for many months.

They tell us we do not have MRSA in our livestock.

Would you buy a used car from these people?

Wake up England!

Instructions to Patients leaflet in full here

...People infected with MRSA are known as carriers. This information is intended for patients who
are MRSA carriers.
NB: Where the text says “you”, please read “you and your child” where appropriate...

Who is at high risk of carrying MRSA?

...MRSA is more common in foreign hospitals than in Dutch hospitals. If you identify with the
following points, please make this known before attending our hospital:
- you have been admitted to a foreign hospital
- you have visited an outpatients' clinic or accident & emergency department at a foreign
- your child has been adopted from abroad.

Patients carrying MRSA
In the Netherlands, it has been noted that people working in certain professions are more
likely to be MRSA carriers. If you belong to one of the following professions, please make this
known before attending our hospital:
- pig farmers
- beef calf farmers
- veterinary surgeons that come into contact with pigs or beef calves
- people working in slaughter houses for pigs and beef calves
- biotechnical workers that come into contact with pigs
- pig or beef calf handlers...