Friday, 10 February 2012

Schmallenberg - The Case of the Missing Goats

We update the extraordinary events in relation to Schmallenberg Virus reporting in Britain.

Defra, Britain's Agricultural Ministry, continues to fail to report Schmallenberg Virus in goats here dated 7th February and in much more detail here updated 7th February

The Dutch government site continues to report that Britain has goats infected, here.

"and as at 25 January there have been confirmed cases at 32 sheep
farms, 1 cattle farm and 1 goat farm in the United Kingdom."

and that information is being reported in the Dutch media this morning here (in English). It is also spreading in Dutch publications.

If the Dutch government had made a mistake, one would have expected the British government to get the Netherlands' government to have issued a correction, and that to have been published by now.

It is truly the mysterious Case of the Missing Goats.