Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thailand - MRSA in pigs

Countries, we used to grandly consider third world, are now admitting to MRSA in pigs, but not Britain's corrupt state veterinary service.

Britain continues to assert that, almost alone now, there is no MRSA in Britain's pigs and pork. The cover-up has been in place now for many years.

Won't they be in for a bad time when eventually they are forced to tell the truth?

The full report can be seen on PlosOne here:

From March through April 2011, MRSA was identified in pigs from 3 out of 30 production holdings in Chang Mai Province, Thailand. Representative isolates were subjected to molecular characterization and antimicrobial susceptibility testing; all isolates had genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of LA-MRSA previously characterized in the region: they belonged to ST9, lacked the lukF-lukS genes encoding Panton-Valentine leukocidin, and were resistant to multiple non-ß-lactam antimicrobials. However, unlike other Asian LA MRSA-ST9 variants, they were spa type t337 and harbored a different staphylococcal cassette chromosome mec IX.

A novel MRSA-ST9 lineage has been established in the pig population of Thailand, which differs substantially from LA-MRSA lineages found in other areas of the continent. The emergence of novel LA-MRSA lineages in the animal agriculture setting is worrisome and poses a serious threat to global public health.