Sunday, 27 January 2013

Hepatitis E in pigs and people, Colombia and Britain

Just to remind regular readers  we are currently suffering through another state veterinary cover-up in Britain: Hepatitis E in pigs and pig farmers, with associated human deaths.

Proving it is the problem, in theory it is still being investigated in a number of NHS hospitals in pig producing areas, led by Cornwall.

The reality is that we all know what has been going on for some years, with the writer constantly publishing.

In Britain, reading the not inconsiderable medical, as against veterinary and farming, literature, the the main incidence may be in older pig keepers. You will find plenty of references and links to the detail on, as back up, and in this blog.

There is going to be yet another massive row, when eventually admissions have to be made in Britain.

The full report in 'Today Colombia' is available here.

Colombia Warns about Possible Outbreak of Hepatitis E

Scientists at the National University of Colombia warned of the risk of an outbreak of hepatitis E, a new variant in this country, transmitted via fecal matter and pig livers. So far, only one case has been detected, but experts urged caution to prevent a possible epidemic, due to the lack of proper hygiene in swine production systems.

The director of the University Center research group on Biodiversity and Molecular Genetics, Alberto Lopez, revealed that, after evaluating the top five hog slaughter plants in the region, the presence of antibodies to hepatitis E were detected.

That suggests, he said, that the pigs were infected and their bodies generated special proteins to stop the virus.

Hepatitis type E manifests with severe icterus (yellowing of the skin), more intense than previously known variants, and attacks adults between 15 and 40 years old most forcefully. Its incidence is more serious in pregnant women...