Thursday, 28 February 2013

Schmallenberg - The case of the Missing Goats - a year later

According to "Farmers Weekly" today, Schmallenberg Virus has been found in British goats.

We have no reason to believe that they are not reporting Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, accurately.

Here are the first lines from Britain's premier farming publication today:

Schmallenberg found in UK goats and alpacas
Philip Case

Thursday 28 February 2013 09:16

The Schmallenberg virus has been found in goats and alpacas in Britain for the first time...

They also mention wild boar- pigs.

But it is not so simple.

The Dutch government constantly claimed that Schmallenberg had been found in British goats way back in February last year.

You will in fact find ten posts on this blog on the issue alone! Please use the search function.

They make very interesting reading a year later. For example here

Schmallenberg - The Case of the missing Goats 

10 FEBRUARY 2012

being merely one.

We are getting very close to the biggest scandal of the twenty-first Century becoming common knowledge throughout the world.

Alarmingly close. Things will never be quite the same.

Attempted intimidation of witnesses to the British Parliament being merely one part of the breaking scandal.

And all the writer wanted was a quiet retirement!