Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Circovirus "ticking time bomb" investigated in 2000

The writer is far from happy about the human health dangers from Superbugs, but he is proud of his part, in trying to prevent this disaster, under very difficult circumstances.

Threats and abuse over 13 years has taken its toll on relationships and friends. Many cherished activities had to take second place to the daily chore of fighting off threats, disinformation, libel, conspiracy and serious organised crime in Britain.

We have, however, countered British government manipulation of the internet and the PR activities of their favoured organisations.

We have created massive data stores containing information they sought to remove from  public scrutiny. These are abroad, and available to all, safe from tampering.

For example, Britain was worried about the human health implications of porcine circovirus in 2000. We have copies of the minutes of the meeting, now unavailable.

You do not need antibiotics to fight viruses, but you do need them in massive quantities to deal with co-infections.

Defra, once MAFF of Mad Cow fame, is Britain's infamous Agricultural Ministry. 

Their cover ups and related unlawful and criminal activities will now be exposed and can be dealt with by a proper police investigation under parliamentary scrutiny.

The key quote from yesterday's massive Superbug coverage is this:

…The Chief Medical Officer said the issue should also be considered by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs because around 50% of antibiotics used in the UK are given to animals.

The Sky news story can be found in full  here.

Antibiotic Resistance 'A Ticking Time Bomb'

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