Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Antibiotic Use in British Pigs

The important and influential British Soil Association have made some changes to their site and produced some figures on antibiotic use in pigs that we have not noticed published before.

As far as we know, the British Government has never published antibiotic usage in pigs except lumped together with poultry.

Their corrupt civil service veterinarians are too frightened to tell Britain the truth.

So, we guess all the Soil Association can get is estimates - and since they have a bigger research department than we have , it is the best we are likely to get.

Full Soil Association report here

…Disease, injury and premature death

Our powerful scientific evidence shows that the incidence of a number of serious diseases, including salmonella, could increase when large numbers of pigs are kept together indoors.

Large scale intensive pig factories give reason to be concerned about the build up of antibiotic resistance genes in pigs and pork, local wildlife, soil and pig workers, and potentially everyone living locally to them, due to the frequent use of antibiotics in pig feed to control a wide range of conditions on intensive farms.

Approximately half of all antibiotics in the UK are prescribed by vets (of which around 45% are used on farms and approximately 5% are given to pets). Approximately 60% of all antibiotics used on farms are given to pigs.

All but one of these are the same as, or closely related to, medically important antibiotics used in human medicine…