Sunday, 12 May 2013

Germany - Antibiotics in animal husbandry

A taster from Germany, just published, where they own up to animal health problems, keep their government veterinarians under proper control and make sure public health information is in the public domain.

One bad bit of mechanical translation - "In pig, it looks much better. " would be better as "In pigs it is hardly (any) better."

The full news report from ARD is here

So, 12:05:13 17:00

Antibiotics in animal husbandry

In the farming much antibiotics is used...

...In pig, it looks much better. No wonder, then, that 50 to 70 percent of the pigsties with MRSA specific type of animal "ST398" are contaminated. And 87 percent of farmers and veterinarians who work in these stalls are already occupied by this MRSA strain.

Risk-meat food

At the Robert Koch Institute in Wernigerode / Harz Professor Wolfgang Witte researched for over 30 years, the distribution channels of staphylococci. He sees with concern the development and diffusion of new MRSA strain from animal stables...

Author: Frank Bowinkelmann (NDR)