Thursday, 6 June 2013

103 American pig farms confirmed as infected with PEDV

We get that sense of déjà vu.

Perhaps PEDV did originate in China, although it was first identified in England, but that does not say it came from China to the USA.   We have seen nothing firm in any of the many reports and it is a lot more convenient for America's government and trade veterinarians to introduce China in addition to Canada.

Have they DNA'ed the European stain, how similar is that strain?

They do not explain how it got from China to the USA, either. That will be next week's fabrication: something that has nothing to do with veterinarians or live imports.

Canada is the obvious immediate source. Whether it was or not, it still means someone was slack in the USA, it also means someone was slack in Canada. We know they were slack. They did not test.

So, following British standard practice, they will implicate China or seagulls or imaginary illegally imported infected meat, and the protection of the prairies will take second place to veterinary convenience.

"Blame someone else, preferably innocent."

Germplasm, that's live beasts, semen and embryos, carrying disease will continue to flood across international borders on recklessly issued health certificates to the enrichment of those engaged in the trade.

There was no testing done for the trade in germplasm shipped from Europe, where PEDV exists, to Canada or the USA.

The Canadians don't even know if they have PEDV in their herds. They say they haven't, but have not tested for PEDV. They don't know, do they?

The loophole, this time, is obvious and a few thousand miles long.

But we get the usual flood of veterinary PR puff: misleading and intended to glorify and provide an alibi for the shabby, greedy, pompous and incompetent chiefs of the once prestigious profession, inadequately kept in check by lax government and sloppy international agreements.

And the world starts to lose the food basket of the Prairies.

Then one day it will be a zoonotic disease that does kill kids in large numbers, and we will know veterinary reform came too late.

Full porknetwork report here.

PEDV - Collaborative effort will help us find answers

JoAnn Alumbaugh, Editor, Pork Network  |  Updated: 06/05/2013

The hot topic at World Pork Expo this year is Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV), a virus that was first identified in a 2400-sow unit on May 29. So far, we haven't heard any concrete numbers on death loss, but we do know 103 sites are confirmed to have the virus, as of today. The breakout by state is as follows: Colorado - 7; Illinois - 2; Michigan - 1; Missouri - 2; Iowa - 62; Indiana - 7; Minnesota - 15; Nebraska - 1; Ohio - 4; Oklahoma - 1; and South Dakota - 1.

... "The complete sequence was 99.6 homologous with the virus in China, so we know that's where it originally came from."

How it got here or how it spread remain a mystery, however ..."