Sunday, 30 June 2013

Britain - Thousands of TB cows sold as food by government.

The 'Sunday Times' lead today exposes more scandal at Britain's infamous corrupt agricultural ministry, once called MAFF now called Defra.

Parliament can't say they were not warned. We told Westminster, and OLAF the serious fraud squad of the EU, of civil sevice faking during another epidemic.

As a result, we have been persecuted, defamed, threatened and stalked for the past 13 years.

Quite aside from the human health risks, if they continue operating like this, Defra will destroy British livestock farming.

The full text is available from their site here

June 30th. 2013


Jonathan Leake

Science Editor

TENS of thousands of diseased cattle…are being sold for human consumption by Defra…

…The raw meat, from around 28,000 diseased animals is banned by most supermarkets…

…However, it is being sold to some caterers and food processors, and finding its way into schools, hospitals and the military, or being processed into products such as pies and pasties…

… Defra, which makes about £10m a year from selling the infected carcasses, says the risk of infection is "extremely low".   It sells the meat without anything to warn processors or consumers that it comes from bTB-infected cattle.

Defra's reassurances contrast with recent warnings by experts…