Saturday, 27 July 2013

Salmonella disaster for exported pure-breeds

Live exports (and imports) and the reckless certification and control thereof will now be the prime suspects for the international movement of animal and zoonotic disease.

'Blame someone else, preferably innocent,' along with IIIIM (imaginary illegally imported infected meat) was yesterday's scam.

The massive recent increases in international movements of germplasm, that is live animals, semen and embryos, fuelled many a fortune. Human health has paid the price.

Full Farmer' Weekly article here

Salmonella disaster for exported pure-breeds
Jake Davies
Saturday 27 July 2013 06:00

A syndicate of pure-breed poultry enthusiasts in Australia has decided to cull a quarantined flock imported from the UK, after salmonella was discovered.

The 10-year endeavour, which hoped to introduce new bloodlines into Australian pure breeds, cost an estimated AUS$500,000 (£300,400) and ended in disaster following the discovery of four birds with salmonella pullorum...