Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Slow, badly executed, indecisive and poorly communicated - handling of horsemeat crisis

The very last sentence of the Independent news report  tells all.

Recall that Defra, Britain's infamous agricultural ministry, only slipped out the news that MRSA st398 was in the milk supply on Christmas Day - see report here

You can tell what embarrasses them by when they admit it.

Yes, I know it is unscientific, but science is not all.

Mary Creagh has it weighed up. Where are the prosecutions?

They can't prosecute: half Defra and their closest cronies would finish up behind bars.

Now, they are in even worse trouble. They have been caught exporting dubious beef ( from bTB reactors ) and for many years - see here

Be sure to read the full Independent report here

Slow, badly executed, indecisive and poorly communicated - watchdog rapped for 'wait-and-see' handling of horsemeat crisis

Some of regulator's staff had 'limited experience' of food-safety crises, official report concludes




The government food safety watchdog's handling of the horse-meat crisis was slow, badly executed and indecisive, the first investigation into the scandal has found...

...The FSA, which quietly slipped out the report at the end of the working day on Friday, declined to comment on its findings, although it is expected to address the issues in the coming days. Shoppers have dramatically changed the types of food they buy since horse DNA was first found in burgers on sale in supermarkets such as Tesco on 16 January.