Sunday, 6 October 2013

USA seeking information worldwide on Circovirus including dogs

Fascinating insight into circovirus in dogs illustrating the potential value of the archives here and on the British newsgroup to the United States government.

The first part of this post on ProMed is familiar from my last post, the second is the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia seeking information on Circovirus elsewhere in the world.

"...I was wondering about the prevalence of circovirus in dogs or other animals in countries outside the USA, especially since this was newly found in pigs earlier this year [2013] in the USA..."

Of course, they might believe the 13 year barrage of stalking, harassment and defamation suffered by the writer.

On the other hand, they might wonder why someone thought it worthwhile to organise such an operation and what might be the purpose of fabricating material easily disproved by checking the official British government records.

Either way, they will find plenty of interest here on this blog or on the newsgroup. All my very extensive records, including much not published, save anything subject to the British Official Secrets Act, are, of course, available to the authorities in the USA.