Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PEDv - USA - Failing Production Model

Under the strains of a massive PEDv epidemic, pig farming in the USA are getting part way there

"We move pigs around a lot, which increases risk,'' added Torremorell.
"Our production model is a disadvantage."

Their problem, as in Britain and elsewhere, is a massive infrastructure: intellectual, financial, sales and physical committed to the current production model.

It is going to be a major problem to change course to something safer and more resilient.

If they solve PEDv with vaccines, as they hope eventually, there will still be a dozen more disease disasters lined up to exploit the same weaknesses in a dangerous failed model.

And that is a model  reliant on huge quantities of antibiotics to keep co-infections under control and any semblance of a successful industry.

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PEDV discussed at length during Minnesota Pork Congress

Lisa Young / Agri News

Lisa Becton, Dave Wright and Montserrat Torremorell answered audience questions on PRRS, influenza and PEDV during a moderated panel at Minnesota Pork Congress on Jan. 14.

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Lisa Young,

MINNEAPOLIS - Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus was the hot topic during the Minnesota Pork Congress.