Sunday, 12 January 2014

Yorkshire - Swine Dysentery Outbreak

Swine Dysentery has been a reoccurring problem in Yorkshire for the last few years. One outbreak was blamed on infected weaners from Scotland by veterinarians.

Some details of previous outbreaks are on the blog detailed below (use the search box.)

If the report of swine dysentery arriving from Scotland was accurate, and it sounds plausible, it is merely another example of movements of live animals and semen being the main vector for the movement of diseases in, out and around the UK.

Scotland has imported piglets from Denmark too, suggesting a lack of confidence in the health of local stock.

The movement of live pigs and semen worldwide has increased massively in recent years. It should be no surprise that increased animal and zoonotic outbreaks become more frequent.

Free trade in such items seem to bring more dangers than benefits to both farmers and public health: benefits to the few, disaster to the many.

The report from the Pig Site is short, but can be viewed in full  here.

Swine Dysentery Outbreak in Yorkshire
10 January 2014