Saturday, 31 January 2015

Britain - Use of the courtesy title 'Dr' by RCVS-registered veterinary surgeons

Use of the courtesy title 'Dr' by RCVS-registered veterinary surgeons


We would like to consult veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and the general public on the proposal that all veterinary surgeons registered with the RCVS should be permitted to use the courtesy title ‘Doctor’ or ’Dr’...

You can read the rest for yourselves here

Pat's thoughts:

I think Dr. Who is behind this proposal. But since they solicit opinions from the public, and I'm the general public...

They would have to make all their existing Doctors, Honorary Professors.
Existing Veterinary Nurses would become Honorary Veterinarians to avoid discrimination.
Veterinary Receptionists would be Honorary Veterinarian Information Officers
Veterinary Students would become Honorary Nearly-Veterinarians
A kid with a horse: an Honorary Junior Veterinarian.
A preschool with a cat: an Honorary Future Veterinarian.
A pregnancy to a Veterinarian would be an Honorary Pre-Veterinarian.

The PR department that dreamed this would become Honorary Public Relations Veterinarians.

But I will let them off if they cease calling complaints - "concerns." and publicly admit, without spin, the percentage of complaints upheld.

(I do know! - no fiddling)

Pat Gardiner - 2 genuine "0" levels and an honorary fellowship refused because I had not done the work and thought it unfair to those who had. It wasn't a veterinary fellowship, I haven't been offered one.

How about Honorary Reforming Veterinarian?