Friday, 30 January 2015

Norway leads the way for Denmark in Eradicating Pig MRSA

The Scandinavian brawl over MRSA in pigs has moved from activists to include government and scientists.

The Norwegians are leading the charge - and being reported in Denmark's main scientific journal.

The respected "Ingineer" tells the tale.

Britain's corrupt veterinary establishment still claim Great Britain's pigs are clear of pig MRSA.

They  sink ever deeper into a morass of organised crime, protection racketeering, conspiracies, drug dealing, threats and abuse of our democracy.

The cost in human lives will be very substantial. They dare not tell the British people just what they have been hiding up for years.

They are now too terrified to reform, constantly renaming their client organisations and spending ever more on misleading public relations and cronies masquerading as consultants.

It is up to the British people to see that they are reformed, once the truth emerges. To the eternal shame of the veterinarians, it will probably be DNA testing abroad that will expose their cover-up.

You can find the lengthy explosive report in full here:

Norway leads the way for Denmark: 

We have eradicated pig MRSA

During the spring will be the last stable in Norway cleared of MRSA, and so are the resistant swine bacteria are no longer in the country. Denmark should consider doing the same, says Norwegian researcher.

By Magnus Bredsdorff January 30, 2015 at. 05:04

The antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria is soon past in the Norwegian pig houses. As the first country in the world, Norway has almost eradicated the bacterium from its agriculture.

"We have only MRSA in one herd, and we have mastered. It will be redeveloped during the spring, "says section Øystein Angen from the Veterinary Institute in Norway...