Monday, 6 April 2015

British superbug outbreak 'could kill 80,000'

The "Daily Telegraph" celebrated Easter Sunday with the above headline, published in the evening as the lead on the front page for Easter Monday morning.

The "Telegraph" is an important right of centre, business orientated,  national daily paper.

Britain is in an election campaign, the most important for generations. It is an election that may herald the break-up of Britain, with Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and Britain leaving the European Union.

So, this alarming report could not have come at a more significant time. The BBC News is also now carrying the story, and also on its website here.

Britain's corrupt veterinarians, Defra her agricultural ministry and their drug-dealer pals, will be sweating today.

The world is now on their tail and it is going to get much worse: much worse - crimes against humanity with all that that entails.

This is history on the making. Total reform of the British veterinary industry is now quite inevitable - royal charters removed and many of the leaders, past and present, investigated.

The writer has suffered constant stalking and threats, since 2000 for giving evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on the Classical Swine Fever scandal.

A system that cannot even protect witnesses to their own national legislature is in serious trouble and has to be totally reformed.

Not that OLAF, the serious Fraud Squad of the EU, were any better, although in fairness, they did try.

Make sure you follow the link to the "Daily Telegraph" here.

British superbug outbreak 'could kill 80,000'

A Government report warns that tens of thousands could die because of
new strains of bacteria and viruses resistant to drugs

9:47PM BST 05 Apr 2015