Thursday, 9 April 2015

Denmark - Human Carriers of MRSA cc398 Increase Sharply.

Human carriers of MRSA cc398 rise sharply in Denmark, especially in the most pig dense regions.

Britain continues to do absolutely nothing to protect its people.

We don't even know the extent of MRSA in the pigs. Scotland, incredibly, still claims to be MRSA free, despite importing breeding stock from Denmark.

But, there are now some signs of discontent and tension, in British farming and veterinary organisations, and dirty Defra, Britain's useless, devious and corrupt farming ministry.

As always, read in the Danish TV report in full here.


Tuesday at 07-04-15. 18.27 - Charlotte Sølvsten

Especially in Southern Jutland, where the world's largest concentration of pigs per. capita exist, infection exploded and is the province where most are infected with porcine MRSA.

Last year, a total of 290 persons were registered with the infection alone here in South Jutland. This is an increase of 75 percent compared to last year here in our part of the country. 

Some South and Schleswigers already bearing infection in themselves, and they can not get rid of it again...

The development of the number of infected Danes with pig MRSA:
* In 2012, 233 Danes were infected with the pig-MRSA
* In 2013 it was increased to 648
* In 2014, the number has doubled to 1,271 Danes regsitreret with pig
MRSA. The 290 alone in South Jutland.