Friday, 25 July 2008

Canada - BSE - Live movements - yet again

This story really illustrates perfectly the damage that Britain's corrupt State Veterinary Service has done to the world.

It is obvious to an outsider that most animal disease is travelling the world in live movements.

Britain seems to make a hobby of moving live amimals in out and roundabout for the enrichment of the veterinary industry.

So, when they get trouble, which they do, and of ever increasing seriousness, they lie, lie and lie again.

They went too far in covering up the spread of disease in pigs and trying to attribute the resulting chaos to imaginary illegal infected meat imports.

The trouble was, bumbling incompetents that they are, they and their camp followers did not know their stuff and went too far leaving a trail of evidence of falsification, fabrication and intimidation behind them.

So now they are too terrified to test the pigs for fear they will be held responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of humans, here there, everywhere.

They will be. They might as well get on and test the pigs for MRSA and tell us the worst.,0,6081378.story

Audit says USDA lost track of imported cattle

Canada has reported 13 cases of mad cowBy Stephen J. Hedges Washington Bureau 2:07 AM CDT, July 23, 2008 WASHINGTON -

Despite persistent fears of mad cow disease in Canadian beef, the Department of Agriculture has failed to properly trackhundreds of Canadian cattle coming into the United States, the department's inspector general has concluded.

An audit, completed in March but only recently made public, said that some of the imported cattle did not have proper identification or health records despite federal regulations requiring them....

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