Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Price of Pork

This is a very important article coming as it does from superbug ravaged Quebec.

The poor health status of the pigs is acknowledged

"In the past two years, swine viruses decimated herds. "


"For example, raising animals in close proximity increases the risk of illnesses like porcine circovirus, which ravaged Quebec herds in 2006-07."

But no connection is made between the Circovirus - PMWS epidemics in pigs and the MRSA - C.Diff epidemics in the area's hospitals.

Have the Quebec people missed the connection?

No, Guelph University have already made and published it.

MRSA in pigs, people and pork, as did the Dutch four years ago.

The pressure is on not to publish the implications in Britain and in Canada for more or less the same reasons.

The Americans with their seventh cavalry of genuine free speech are just over the hill and closing fast.


Fertile ground: The price of pork Marian Scott Montreal Gazette Friday, July 25, 2008

Hog farmer Jean-Paul Roulin with pigs, at his farm in St. Urbain dePremier, Tuesday July 15/08.
The 11 one-day-old piglets suck hungrily, their pink skin almost transparent, as the sow grunts rhythmically...


More information on the newsgroup A living archive of Britain's animal and human health epidemics fully searchable on Google Groups.

The full original article can be accessed on

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