Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hospital Bug Deaths Rise - the link to pigs

Despite the claims that there is a small decrease in MRSA cases in the UK, and whatever the truth of these, there has been a massive increase in C.Diff in humans in all the main Circivirus - PMWS pig epidemic areas, worldwide.

Pigs do carry C.Diff and the same strains are seen in humans.

We now know that the British strain "027" is the same as the North American "NAP 1"

So the Gardiner Hypothesis, that so called "superbug" epidemics are closely linked to sick pigs and follow porcine epidemics of circovirus is even clearer with C.Diff than with MRSA.

The places to watch are the UK and Ireland, Canada (especially Ontario) together will hog raising areas of the United States and also States bordering Canada.

The situation continues to get worse and the British government still refuses to release information that may well save human lives.


"Hospital Bug Deaths Rise

There has been an alarming rise in the number of deaths in Northern Ireland hospitals, as a result of the superbug C-difficile. New figures revealed that 86 people died from C-diff in the first seven months of this year. That's more than the 77 fatalities reported for the whole of 2007. DUP MP Sammy Wilson, who uncovered the statistics in an Assembly question, described them as atrocious and urged the public to be vigilant. He said there were 63 C-diff deaths in 2006, and 35 in 2005, according to death certificate records."

The British government has little option but to release the results of testing the pigs for MRSA and C.Diff.

More on this and the constant stream of British animal and human epidemics can be found on the newsgroup uk.business.agriculture. This is fully searchable from Google Groups.