Sunday, 2 November 2008

MRSA contaminated pork found in US stores

On Friday, MRSA was, as expected, found in pork in US stores.

It was not the US government that found it. It was a group of TV stations who got suspicious and sent pork to a lab. The full story is here:

The rate is still very low, although it will increase quickly and, at least, the US TV people have stepped in to make the scandal public knowledge.

Britain, despite having problems much earlier, has done absolutely nothing. Not even our national newspapers who contemplated the possibility of contaminated pork months ago, have done any testing. There have been reports, later withdrawn, that British pigs did not carry MRSA.

The situation in the US will now probably deteriorate very quickly. The hospitals may well come under extreme pressure.

The Dutch warned the US government four years ago that pigs were infecting people and pork. Their scientists flew to California specially.

This is now a very real scandal becoming public knowledge. Read the reports. It is a matter on which you can make up your own mind.

Regards Pat Gardiner