Monday, 24 November 2008

MRSA - Hospital refuses to release results of testing staff.


Pat’s Note: What have they got to hide?

Wouldn’t be sick pigs would it?

We know that they have PMWS – Circovirus hit pigs on Prince Edward Island. Such pigs are treated with large quantities of antibiotics to get them into the food chain.

The Gardiner Hypothesis, backed by the information that Canadian pigs and pork do carry MRSA and the Dutch research that pig people carry MRSA, predicts that in pig farming country many hospital staff members will carry MRSA and pass it to patients.

Hospital won't reveal results of bacteria testing on staff
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CBC News

Charlottetown's Queen Elizabeth Hospital has tested 290 staff members for MRSA in an effort to contain an outbreak in the nursery, but says it will never reveal how many tested positive.
Doctors, nurses, cleaning staff — everyone with any contact with the nursery — are being tested for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Nine newborn babies have tested positive for the bacteria in the past few months. None has fallen ill.

Hospital CEO Rick Adams told CBC News Monday in order to protect the confidentiality of staff, the hospital would not reveal how many positive tests came back. He added that even if some staff did carry the bacteria, it doesn't mean they were the source of the outbreak.

Adams said the hospital still doesn't know exactly how many more staff will be screened. Staff and doctors will have another two weeks to be screened for MRSA. If anyone connected to the nursery refuses to be tested, they could be ordered to allow the test under the Public Health Act.

There have been no new cases of MRSA amongst babies in the nursery in the past several days.
Adams said he's heard rumours that some moms are choosing to have their babies at other hospitals, but he doesn't know for certain if that has happened.