Friday, 21 November 2008

MRSA - Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown

"But the bacteria is spreading"

Everything here is entirely consistent with the "Gardiner Hypothesis" and the source being people who have been in contact with pigs, or pork coming from pigs that have PMWS - Circovirus.

These pigs will have been overdosed with antibiotics to get the meat into the food chain.

We know that the pigs on Prince Edward Island have had PMWS - Circovirus and that the consequences are handled using large quantities of antibiotics. We know that Candian pigs and pork are infected with MRSA.

We have known from Holland, for more than four years, that this MRSA is transfered from pigs and pork to people.

They are quite right not to blame individuals. Most of the employees on pig farms have no idea of the risks. Nobody has told them.

Corrupt veterinarians only warn one another.
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QEH grapples with bacteria WAYNE THIBODEAU The Guardian

Upwards of 300 staff at the province’s largest referral hospital are being tested for an antibiotic-resistant bacteria after three more babies tested positive for the bacteria.

Rick Adams, CEO of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, said the tests are being carried out to rule out a staff member spreading MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

But the bacteria is spreading.

Nine newborns and one mother have now tested positive for MRSA. Five of those nine cases can be connected to the same source. “We’ve increased our environmental cleaning, infection control measures in the hospital, we’ve also commenced gloving and gowning for all contact with moms and babies, we’re double- cleaning in a lot of patient rooms, we’re also swabbing the environment, including areas in Unit 4,’’

Adams told The Guardian.

“Given we’ve been doing all that and we had three additional cases this week, to rule out the possibility a staff member may be transmitting this we’ve directed staff and physician screening.’’

The bacteria is centered in Unit 4, the nursery.

A host of staff are being directed to be tested, from doctors and nurses to cleaning and dietary staff — anybody who had contact with the nursery.

Adams said about 180 staffers have already been tested.Testing includes swabs of the nose and mouth and any open wounds on the hands.

“Staff are being very co-operative, but that’s not to say there is not concern among staff,’’ he said.

“This is not about blaming anybody. This is about us working together to try and minimize the number of transmissions.’’

Test results will not be back for a couple of days.If a positive test is found, Adams said the employee will not be fired.

But they will have to go through a thorough decolonization process that includes ointment in the nose, bathing with an antibacterial soap and changing bed sheets daily for a period of seven days.

Deputy Chief Officer Dr. Lamont Sweet said healthy babies do not normally become sick even if they are found to be carrying MRSA.Health Minister Doug Currie described it as a serious situation, but added he has confidence this is being managed as a “high-level serious operational issue.”
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has had a tough year battling superbugs, added Adams.

“We’ve had a tough year no doubt about it. We had our battles this year with MRSA and VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci) in some of the other units and now this.’’

Regards Pat Gardiner