Thursday, 31 March 2011

Baths and duckings for pig veterinarians - April Fooling?

Is this April 1st?

Nearly right!

Could you imagine this even a decade ago? The mind boggles, on-farm baths for pig veterinarians and visitors.

However, it does illuminate the role that veterinarians now play in spreading disease.

The Dutch realise that they can no longer use vast quantities of antibiotics to cope with the consequences.

That nettle has not yet been grasped in Britain.

Perhaps it is an April 1st joke and they published a day early.

Full "Pig Progress" report here

Biosecurity on pig farms: Bath is more effective than a shower

31 Mar 2011

Taking a bath of about 15 minutes using a mild disinfection product, would be better for biosecurity on pig farms than taking a shower, the Dutch agricultural magazine Boerderij reports.

The daily quotes research from the Swine Research Farm (VIC) in Sterksel, the Netherlands...

... First conclusions yield that a SPF health status is maintained substantially longer when visitors are required to take a bath. This would include getting a ducking as that way also the hairs can be disinfected...

...“Taking a quick shower provides a fake sense of security...

...It was added that preferably, visitors ought to be kept out of the pig houses. This has become more important now the Netherlands has stepped up its targets to reduce the amounts of used antibiotics...

... In ten pig farms, however, baths will be installed and results will be monitored.