Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dutch cut antibiotics in livestock by 12 per cent.

Once again the Dutch are to be congratulated for reducing the use of antibiotics in livestock.

As usual, they put Britain's hopeless government veterinary services to shame.

Britain, almost alone in the EU, claims to have no problems with antibiotic use on farms and no MRSA in its pigs.

They are so sure they have no problems that facts on usage are unnecessary.

The public are not to be informed about the biggest scandal of the 21st century. Exageration?

Remember, wait and see.

Mechanical translation in full here


Antibiotic use in livestock production in 2010 decreased by 12%

Compared to 2009 in 2010 antibiotic use in livestock farming in the Netherlands fell by over 12%.  This is evident from the sales of the companies involved in the FIDIN, the association of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands are connected.  Facing a decline in antibiotic use, the number of farm animals remained the same.  The downward trend in antibiotic use in livestock and move definitively in line with the alleged reduction target of 20% in 2011. ....