Monday, 20 June 2011

Cancer charities investigate MRSA in pigs and pig people

There is no direct link between cancer and MRSA that we know of, but the fact remains that cancer patients are at greater risk of premature death from antibiotic resistant disease because of damaged immune systems.

Even to reduce it to monetary terms: massive sums are spent on cancer treatments, all wasted if the patients die from MRSA.

So US cancer charities start investigating MRSA in pigs and pig people.

Who would have thought it possible?

But it makes perfect sense.

They are going to be able to blame a gang of corrupt veterinarians for covering up swine disease and creating new forms of MRSA by squandering antibiotics to get desperately sick pigs into the food chain.

You can read the full document here

Livestock Contact and MRSA in Rural Areas

This study is currently recruiting participants.

Verified on May 2011 by National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
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Sponsor:  National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Information provided by:  National Institutes of Health Clinical
Center (CC) Identifier:  NCT01375621

- MRSA is a type of bacteria that causes serious health problems. It can cause severe infections and is difficult to treat. MRSA has been found in a high number of people who work with some kinds of
livestock, such as pigs.

Researchers want to study people in rural areas, where more people work with or around livestock. They want to see if MRSA is more common or causes more serious infections in these areas.


- To look at the relationship between livestock handling (especially pigs) and MRSA bacteria in people in rural areas...