Friday, 3 June 2011

MRSA in British milk and farm workers

The astonishing news, that MRSA has been found in British cow's milk, floods the media this morning, threatening even to eclipse the German E.Coli disaster in coverage.

The reports are frequently contradictory with even British government agencies straying from the facts and with the main human health body seemingly claiming to have seen no human patients.

That's what comes of allowing PR obsessed veterinarians to run out of control in Britain: disaster and chaos.

There is no reliable report yet to direct readers seeking information. Even the BBC only reports competing versions.

However, it is pretty well agreed that pasteurised milk is not a risk to those drinking it, and that is almost all of us.

It seems sure that the problem goes beyond Britain. Ireland admits the problem too and others including Denmark are mentioned.

The MRSA is a new strain and, like the German E.Coli 0104, very different from what has been seen before.

The veterinary industry says it is spreading from people to cows, everybody else thinks the cows are infecting people, usually farm workers.

As far as the veterinarians are concerned, well they would say that, wouldn't they?

They know that, in Britain, they are in the most serious trouble and that their involvement in various criminal activities will become the subject of major police investigations.

The writer first complained, of government veterinarians faking tests during an epidemic, to Parliament in Westminster and the EU in Brussels, over a decade ago. Since he has been threatened, harassed, libelled and been the victim of various related crimes.

You have to recall that even a former British Agriculture Minister is languishing in jail albeit unrelated to animal health, but the formerly impossible is now an every day occurrence in Britain's creaking democracy.

The veterinarians did not manage to silence the writer. The lawyers are now gathering and they will be seeking compensation for all those hurt and damaged so far: the farm workers infected. The veterinary liability insurers are in for a rough time.

This is the biggest scandal of the 21st Century so far, and more is to come.